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PREORDER SNAP Wellness On-The-Go Cartridge Refill Set

PREORDER SNAP Wellness On-The-Go Cartridge Refill Set

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3 cartridges (1 of each Original Collection fragrance). Not sure which fragrance is your favorite? Why choose? Our original fragrance collection (Ultimate Trio) allows you to try all of our 'experiences' including Escape to the Sea, Rooftop Garden Champagne, and Day at the Spa.

  • "Signature Scent" (Black): The scent of fresh eucalyptus & crisp mint will invoke maximum stress relief by stimulating your body & mind. 
  • "Midnight Stargazing" (Lt Purple):Inhale the notes of soft lavender, vanilla & ylang ylang and let yourself get lost in the twinkle of the deep night sky. With this scent you will realize the universe is infinite and the possibilities are endless!
  • "The Ultimate Trio" (Blue, Green, Lt Pink)
-Escape to the Sea(Blue): With notes of coconut & sea salt you will leave the challenges of the week behind! Take in the sound of the waves crashing on the shore and feel the sand beneath your feet.
-Rooftop Garden Champagne(Lt Pink): With notes of white champagne flowers, fresh orange peel, & wild berries this best-selling fragrance will have you rushing to your favorite rooftop bar and clinking glasses with friends.
-Day at the Spa(Green): The fragrant smell of cucumber, honey, & sweet aromatherapies are sure to remind you of the ultimate relaxation you experience at your favorite spa.

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