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PREORDER - SNAP Touchless Mist Sanitizer

PREORDER - SNAP Touchless Mist Sanitizer

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SNAP Touchless Mist Sanitizer is a device that is motion activated and USB rechargeable. Each cartridge holds over 3000 sprays! SNAP luxury hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs with 75% alcohol. The formula is non-drying with infused moisturizers of aloe vera, vitamin E, and glycerin. The formula is also free of any parabens, SLS, and artificial dyes.


  • Rooftop Garden Champagne" (Lt Pink) -with notes of white champagne flowers, wild berries, and fresh orange peel
  • "Midnight Stargazing" (Lt Purple) -with notes of soft lavender, vanilla and ylang ylang.
  • "Signature Scent" (Black) -with notes of fresh eucalyptus and crisp mint.
  • "Day at the Spa" (Green) -with notes of cucumber, honey, and sweet aromatherapies.


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